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Russian dating sites reviews

Due to the requests we've received from our male users, we've dug a little into the area of dating Russian women online.

There seems to be quite a lot of agencies focusing on Russian brides and partners. As a result, we’ve reviewed the most important Russian dating sites in order to bring you the best.

Bear in mind: Not all Russian dating sites are trustworthy. As with anything you do online, you need to keep your wits about you.

Updated : 05/2021

Russian Dating Sites

The best Russian dating sites

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Russian Dating Sites in Australia

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Background Information About Our Russian Dating Category for Australia

As with many other types of niche dating site, Russian dating is a category that focuses on a particular product, so to speak. Much like our Asian dating category, Russian dating actually offers more than one kind of matchmaking and online dating service. Singles (usually men) from Australia can go looking via these sites and apps for a Russian partner (usually a woman). In some cases, these dating sites operate more like the old fashioned “mail order bride” stereotype. Then, of course, there are websites that focus on Russian people meet one another for dating purposes. Singles who want to meet someone from their own country, or who want to find someone with a similar cultural background and/or language. Unfortunately in Australia, for Russians anyway, this is the least common one!

Find a Russian Bride in Australia or Abroad!

If you are insistent on finding Russian bride, marriage agency sites are often your best options. It is of course a good idea to take a look at the site before you decide to spend any money. The Anastasia Network, which runs a number of marriage agency sites in Russia and East Asia, tends to run its payment system off credits rather than a flat fee. So keep that in mind!

When getting to know Russian singles, keep safety in mind!

Russian singles aren’t always what they appear to be online… but the same could be said for a lot of people on the Internet. It is therefore a good idea to remain cautious and to not get too enamoured early on. In order to avoid being scammed or catfished from abroad, here are a few quick tips to help you along:
  • Try to speak on webcam as soon as possible. If the other person constantly makes excuses not to see you, consider this a warning sign. Sure, some people are camera shy and this shouldn’t necessarily put you off completely, but it is best to talk face-to-face as soon as possible!
  • DO NOT send money. In fact, let’s repeat that: DO NOT send money. This is a typical scammer move. It doesn’t matter what the excuse is (stranded somewhere, needs a plane ticket etc.), do not waste your time as there are already too many unsuspecting people who have fallen for this and been cheated out of thousands of dollars.

For more tips on online dating and safety, make sure to check out our online dating advice section!

We wish all singles the best of luck in finding their Russian bride in 2021!

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